More Possible 2020 US #Census Updates, this time from The White House | #TheView #FamilyResearch

So ... I don't like getting political over here on this blog (though I occasionally do on my other socials) but I am an independent and I am not a fan of President Trump. But if you have visited this blog before I AM a BIG fan of US Census's and the records they provide ... mostly for family research later on for those who are interested (like me). The reason I am showing the youtube video below that is a clip of July 9th's episode of ABC's The View is because watching this clip was the first time I had heard of these new possible changes/additions to the US Census. In addition, I agree with what Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny stated about the president’s exploration of using an executive order to add a question of U.S. citizenship to the 2020 census. Though if you want my two cents also I'll say I think this is crazy, ridiculous, and it'll be a complete over step in power if it gets added into the 2020 Census.

If you can't see/watch the above video then click here to watch it.

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