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Well ... I haven't had a full Ancestry.com membership in a few years ... and when I got into the Free stuff Ancestry.com was allowing yesterday I got myself into a pickle. I'm in a pickle because...
  1. I still don't have an account ... well except for the basic one that allows me to show off my family tree info that I have worked on since I was in high school.
  2. I found a free website that shows a lot of great "grave" information (it's called www.findagrave.com) and with my husbands side of the family I keep finding one person after another, which yes would typically be GREAT but when I'm not wanting to go back to being full time genealogist quite yet makes for it to be a bit daunting at times. Mostly because it's not like I could just stop in the middle of finding all this info ... I mean that would be stupid ... right? =0)
  3. Then I have other things I need to be doing instead of this ... even though I still finding it dauntingly fascinating *hehee* ... like starting to read a novel I committed to so I can review it like I promised by Friday (Jan 2nd 2015) for my other blog.
Sorry for the random rant. But if you get a chance you should really check out the above "grave" website. Even though I'm finding myself sucked in without any leeway out right now ... I like being able to find historical information about relatives that I don't have to pay for, especially when I live out of state and aren't able to hit the actual archives.

Take care, Jess

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Welcome / HI!

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