"How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history" by #Vox | Learn the TRUTH about our past NOW

WATCH THIS VIDEO!! It was created through Vox in 2017. History and statue lovers you SHOULD watch this.

If you can't see/watch the above video then click here to watch it.

My Thoughts About The Statues Coming Down :

You don't have to like it but I do like it. I have been in genealogy since 1999 .... and I understand the anger for wanting it taken down.

In the comments for this video I saw some talking along the lines of this statue's history and it's meaning, how why should this "change." Well the statue has been around only since 1970 ... I wasn't born then but I'm assuming everyone didn't just rejoice that it was added. If you want history ... read a book, go to a museum (where something like this should be), or we should educate ourselves some other way. Also, as I stated to a commenter in a different post why it should be taken down is because Robert E Lee was a racist found in various news articles it states, "In a 1856 letter, Lee wrote that slavery is "a moral & political evil." But Lee also wrote in the same letter that God would be the one responsible for emancipation and blacks were better off in the U.S. than Africa."

I understand her comments now as I was confirming "how long the statue had been up for" and according to this article (linked after my comments) it states that this statue was "installed by a Confederate heritage group in 1907" .... so yeah there is no need for it. However, should they have done what they did? No, yet they did ask the county first ... she said they told her "they didn't know." Yet the article states it was one that was "ear marked" to be taken down but it just wasn't taken down quick enough. Watch the video it is all peaceful and find out more from this link: https://www.tulsaworld.com/news/national/protesters-topple-jefferson-davis-statue-in-virginia-capital/article_01013ab7-5e6a-59cb-aeed-0fe1a219255f.html

Black Lives Matter
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